Have you ever wondered what foreign military clothing looks like? Are they similar or different from the clothes of their country? Some foreign military garments even have special conditions; You need to search the Internet to understand what they mean. Read this article to determine what foreign clothing looks like and at the same time find out the local terms that they have for their uniforms.

State-owned surplus clothing stores are really good places to find goods that the military no longer uses, and military surplus clothing stores offer a wide range of military clothing and other goods. Surplus military equipment can be a blessing for those who have a limited budget and cannot afford to purchase expensive equipment suitable for personal use. Military clothing is no longer limited to soldiers, paintball players or nature lovers. Surplus Air Force clothing announces that Air Force shirts are bought by everyone for a wide variety of styles. Excessive air force clothing has models available for women, such as the wives and girlfriends of the pilots, with cute sayings such as “I love my pilot” and “Air Force Mom” and can read more in SOFREPnews.


Local stores of surplus military clothing

Foreign surplus military clothing, such as local stores of surplus military clothing, also contains an overload of clothing and equipment that is not used by foreign countries. They are most often located in the respective countries in stores of surplus military clothing, and are also sold in local stores of antique military clothing. Most of the clothing that you find dates back to the Second World War, as it was a decisive moment for a change in clothing style. In local vintage stores you can find:

British military excess clothing. Battle Dress was the certified name for the standard operating and combat uniform worn by the British army along with armies from other imperial countries and the Common wealth in a temperate climate. The uniform, consisting of a pair of trousers and a short jacket, is worn reliably. Khaki woolen blouse. The Royal Air Force was dressed in a blue combat suit, and the Royal Navy in dark blue. British camouflage uniforms were hand-painted by some specialists.