Stopping Puppies Biting – Things You Have To Know And Train Your Puppy In a Right Way

Puppies have the normal inclination of biting; this mainly is a case when they’re teething. Suppose you have a puppy it is important to know and stop puppies biting while they are small, primarily because it can grow to be one big problem when dog gets older; suppose you do not nip it in bud at this phase. Like other training method you must stick to some known technique & stay consistent with that technique and making sure that rest of your family follows the similar training techniques.

stopping puppy biting tipsMany dog owners do not understand that they are actually encouraging the dog to nip & bite at things; if it isn’t addressed seriously then it can certainly become the extensive problem as puppy turns in the full-grown dog; and not to mention they might seriously injure someone if they ever bite them.

Wrestling with your puppy and letting your puppy to bite and take tips in your hand & fingers all encourage your dog to believe that the biting is fun and playing and have to be done & worse can develop in dog aggression. Suppose you want to know stopping puppy biting tips, I will suggest first thing that you have to do is to give up on playing such types of games with the dog.

When the dog bites you, very firmly say “NO” & take your finger or hand away and give your puppy one toy that it will chew on as the substitute. Additionally, you may make up a bottle or can with coins and rocks in to make the shaker and shake when your puppy bites you. This loud noise may startle the puppy, so this can associate biting with the loud noise he does not like. Usually, nipping can accompany the excited puppy during their playtime.

My personal favorite tip is to make this appear like dog is hurting you while they bite your hand or fingers or anywhere else. It is really the powerful way when trying to learn to stop biting. When puppy bites, you need to make the loud yelping sound. Then you immediately stop playing with your dog & ignore them for a stretch of time. While doing this, you will show your dog that the biting is really bad, and you will not play with them; if it ever bites you.