Before you use gel nail polish, check out its advantages and disadvantages first

When the gel nail polishes first appeared years ago, the entire industry changed tremendously. Gel nail polishes became one of the best cosmetic product that is used in manicuring and pedicuring nails.

It gradually attracted a lot of women who switched from the conventional way of painting their nails to this innovative way that is still highly used up to this day.

Probably, the majority of women are very familiar with this procedure, however, for those who are not that familiar, let us talk about what gel polishes are.

manicuraBasically, gel polishes are extensions which are created using a hard gel product or substance that is solidified furthermore by using ultraviolet light or a light-emitting diode or LED.

This gel polish is designed to copy the natural nails appearance as these are also designed to last longer than your conventional nail polish especially for women who have shorter nails knowing that the chance to wear long nails without the fact that it could be broken for different reasons like being prone to breakage because of its structure and sensitivity.

Probably, you might be wondering right now what benefits and advantages you can get from using gel nail polish and does it also have its own downsides. To give you a further explanation here is some of the advantages and disadvantages of gel nail polishes or the Pintauñas semipermanentes.


  1. It lasts longer– Gel nail polishes are far more durable and resistant which makes it last longer than your conventional nail polish. In fact, the average gel nail polish can last up to four weeks or even a month which is completely advantageous for those who wants to save up money for frequently visiting their preferred nail salon to give their nails a retouch.
  2. It dries quickly– Knowing that it is cured and dried up with an ultraviolet light or a light-emitting diode or LED, it can be dried up for just under a minute or two where you are totally safe from the smearing, chipping, scratching off, and even smudging.
  3. Ideal for creativity– Knowing that women love to create their own concept for their beauty routine, gel nail polish is very ideal for experimentation to come up with fabulous nail art designs which are easier to do compared to your conventional nail polish.
  4. Looks brand new all the time– Knowing that it uses durable and resistant substances, gel-nail polish always looks fresh on your nails even if it is already weeks after you applied it to your nails.


  1. Can cause irritation– Your nails are subject to get irritation when you use gel nail polish knowing that the procedure itself is irritable as your nails are buffed to get rid of its natural shine so the gel can stick there better which in time makes your nails thinner.
  2. Exposed to chemicals– In order to fully remove the gel nail polish off your nails, you have to soak your hands to pure acetone that is totally harmful in the long run.
  3. Risk of infection and breakage– If your nail artist does not entirely know the proper procedure, you might end up having an infection and also you are risked to nail breakage.

Homemade lip balms, without chemicals

In addition, it is important to choose a lip balm with protection against UVA because the skin of the lips is very sensitive and has almost melanin, so it is very unprotected from the action of sunlight.

And they are really necessary, especially when the weather is cold and dry.  But in addition to the home made lip balm  , there are other more natural ways to protect and care for the lips. And the best thing is that these are ingredients that are probably available at home. Some of these oils can be the next acquisition to make a balm or use it alone to moisturize the lips:Homemade Lip Balm

Sweet almond oil

This type of oil is heavy and intense, perfect to retain the moisture of the lips and keep them hydrated.

Pink geranium oil

If the lips are split and dry, this oil is particularly useful. In fact, it is an ingredient that producers of body creams and balms often use.

Carrot seed oil

This oil is super nutritious and anti-bacterial so it helps fight infection and dryness in the corners of the mouth.

Benefits of making your homemade lip balm

We have already four simple recipes that are also very effective, so that you are the one who make your own lip balm but also, we can list the following benefits in this regard .

You save money

Homemade lip gloss is inexpensive and can be easily prepared in a short time with ingredients available in most homes. These ingredients are free of harmful additives.

Own ingredients

Make your own lip balm will give you the option to use the ingredients according to your taste . So we can avoid those ingredients that irritate us or that bite our lips.

You can add aromas

The color, aroma and consistency can also be modified easily with each lip balm you make.

Best results

The homemade lip balm gives a better protection, shine and softness to the lips in comparison with the products marketed since being made of natural ingredients, you can take full advantage of the properties they have.

Recycled lipstick

To any of the recipes mentioned you can add some pieces of some lipstick that you have spent. In this way you will add color to your balm and it will have more consistency.

When preparing our own balms at home we make sure that their ingredients are natural and include those that we know will not cause allergies