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Salt painting quality and benefits

Salt paint, produced with a careful, completely natural process, is the ideal solution to make rooms healthier by avoiding the formation of mold. Salt paint is a type of wall covering used to paint walls and ceilings in domestic and public environments.

In addition to enjoying excellent aesthetic characteristics, salt paint is a product capable of improving the levels of humidity and therefore in the living comfort of the rooms.

It is manufactured with a state-of-the-art industrial system, which involves processing performed in a sterile environment, through the use of steel silos.

This treatment is necessary to maintain all the purity properties of the salt which is extracted in depth. The salt paint processing system uses only high quality products; all formulations are protected by patent filing.

Salt paint to eliminate moisture and improve air quality

The salt paint, being transpiring , is to be considered a natural anti-mold paint with self- whitening properties , it is an ideal product for walls and ceilings, with high coverage and smooth to the touch.

One of the main characteristics of this anti-mold paint is its color, it is in fact a natural white containing microcrystals of controlled salinity rock salt. Among the various anti-mold productsavailable on the market is one of the simplest products to use as it is ready to use.

Therapeutic properties of salt paint and advantages

Halotherapy is one of the natural therapies used to improve breathing that uses the benefits of salt crystals. This beneficial effect found on humans was then studied in construction, to try to create a product that, when used within the environments in which we live every day, is able to guarantee living comfort with a beneficial effect.

Following these studies, we have come to the formulation of the salt paint which, thanks to the properties of the iodized salt present in a controlled quantity, allows to create an ionized microclimate , thus greatly improving breathing and also guaranteeing an action.anti-mold for walls and ceilings.

The air you breathe, at home or in the office, is rich in ions and is comparable to the air you breathe by the sea.