Fighting for your country is not just a heroic act but a noble act as well. Soldiers don’t just sacrifice the comfort of a desk job but also endures the war. People that got home alive are lucky to be one, are considered heroes and yet they are on their own once they retire. Although there are some vets that lived a good life, the fact is that not all has a happy ending. Some end up homeless, some drowned themselves in alcohol and depression, why is that?

SOFREPBecause the war stays with everyone. Their experiences will be carried by them for the rest of their lives and if they become old and have grandkids, that can be a good story to tell. If you have that experience and you’re a good storyteller perhaps you would want to try doing some podcasts just like what SOFREP is doing. But how do you start? Is it complicated?

Know what you want your podcast will be: You need to know what direction you want your podcast to be. Usually, you start with what interests you and identify some good topics to talk about that will draw people in. After that, you need to identify some good titles that will compel people to watch your podcast. Once you have that, you will have the confidence to make a podcast.

Invest in gears: Investing in good gear is essential in order for you to be able to get good results from your podcasts. But you don’t have to invest in the most expensive ones yet. If you’re on a budget, invest in good gears that will give you good output. Like a good video camera, a good microphone, and some good editing tools and software. This is essential nowadays since there are now a lot of cheaper options that don’t compromise on performance and results.

Look for a good place to do your podcast: Once you invest in some good gear, you need to give justice to it and make sure that you have a good place for it. Usually, an interesting place that people will see that your comfortable and where your gears can be put in place without any issues whatsoever. Places like your room, your attic, your garage, or rent a space for it. There is no standard for doing podcasts, as long as the quality is good and the contents are good it should be fine.

You don’t need a multimillion-dollar, a mic made of gold, a red camera, a game of thrones chair and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as your host. You can make a really good podcast as long as you know the formula on how to do it and it doesn’t even cost a fortune. As long as you have a good story, some good gears and a cool place, you’re good!