Imagine living in open land with beautiful trees, mind-boggling scenery, an endless stretch of a clear blue sky. A perfect place to build a beautiful house with a garden and a porch and probably an open to sky roof, a porch, or a balcony where you can sit on a pleasant summer day. Yeah, it’s only good on paper and imagination because finding the perfect place and settling down here has its shortcomings.

As beautiful as mother nature can be it also has the equal amount of deadly creature living in it and am sure that in no way are they good for us. There are cities in the world with world-class infrastructure and in their outskirts are some of the most peaceful and dreamiest natural locations to live the perfect hassle-free life.

Screen enclosure: Alternative to sunroom

America has some of the best of such locations. With its big parks and water bodies, and magnificent infrastructure, it also has some of the most peaceful locations to live in. But how would you feel if you could not enjoy the beautiful scenery and feel the cool breeze or play around the yard because of the fear of mosquitos and insects? Well, it looks like there is a solution to that too now. You see, housings and buildings have now started using something called screen enclosures in Sacramento, CA.

A Screen Enclosure is a window or a mesh screen put up on an exterior room or porch, or balcony of the house to give a view of the outside from the inside. It is a very trendy type of design today for protecting homes from insects and enjoying a good exterior view. These shields give out a kind of solid patio cover and protection. Screen enclosures are being installed by many companies in the city and areas nearby. They allow the total airflow, providing the room a cool and cozy vibe in summer and fall specifically. It is usually about half the price of a sunroom with advantages equal to that of a sunroom.