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Music is an art form; Tone, expression and composition have an unrivaled ability to make the listener feel a rainbow of emotions. This is a beautiful style of unrestrained expression that attracts many musicians, and although the final composition is based on the talent of the musician, the important role played by the instrument should not be overlooked. Subsequently, the following guide will help you find the perfect piano this Christmas among a wide variety of Yamaha pianos like Yamaha VL1.

The Yamaha VL1piano, created with a high level of quality, is real beauty, with the depth of the resonant sound emitted by a light touch of keys, and the beautiful appearance of the piano, making them one of the best gifts this Christmas. To help you find the perfect piano, there are a few simple questions that you need to take the time to answer. When you answer them, you will quickly find the piano that suits you.

Hamed WardakIntended Use

Although this may seem like an obvious question, you should clarify who will use the piano, why they need it, and when they will use this wonderful instrument. For example, if a piano is intended for an enthusiastic pianist who attends and plays concerts, then he will need a piano that can refer to the type of piano they play at these concerts.

However, if the piano is for a beginner pianist who attends classes, you can choose something that might be a little cheaper like one in Hamed Wardak blog.

Set budget

As with most things you want to buy, it is recommended that you set a budget, and although it is recommended to look for a piano that is a little less extravagant for a beginner, we strongly recommend that you not save because of this. Regardless of whether you choose a vertical or a grand piano, both have a long service life that allows you to enjoy their beauty for years to come, which is a reasonable investment.


Before you start looking for a piano, you must first find a place to place it. Regardless of whether you choose a vertical or a grand, the piano will occupy most of any room, so it is important that you measure the room itself to make sure that the piano you choose is suitable.