Here we are, after many procrastinations you have finally made the decision to invest in Bitcoin and crypto-currencies. Here are some tips to start avoiding as much as possible to fall into the pitfalls in which all the novices have more or less taken the feet. Click here for bonusbitcoin.

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 Put all your eggs in one basket: error

You’ve discovered the white paper of a cryptocurrency whose idea fascinates you, so much so that you plan to invest your entire starting bet in it? This is not the best idea in the world. Even if your choice is very promising, nothing says that the market will agree with you. And since it is he who sets the prices … It is not uncommon for a cryptocurrency with enormous potential to live for months (see the price history of Ripple, Stellar, etc.). It may frustrate you. All professional investors will tell you: never put all your eggs in one basket. Whether in classic markets or in cryptocurrency. Visit this site for bonusbitcoin.

Do not panic when it’s pitching

As you probably already know, the cryptocurrency market is extremely volatile. On the other hand, being exposed to this volatility when investing money can push the less seasoned investors into panic (and even the most experienced, actually). As a beginner, wanting to undertake “corrective actions” to limit the breakage I think is a mistake: you risk making things worse. It is better then to let the storm pass: the global and abrupt corrections caused by the coughing Bitcoin king are frequent. With time, you will adapt to it.

Always keep some mutinions in reserve

The “FOMO” (fear of missing out, the fear of missing out) pushes many investors to always be completely invested in cryptocurrencies, without ever having dollars or euros in reserve. You see the market climbing and your dollars do not benefit … Until we see a severe correction! This is the perfect time to spend on the purchase by taking advantage of the sales.