The market is huge with modern technology from the dress you buy and the hotel you choose has many competitors. As same, there is something that is more valuable than gold, which is bit coin. The value of this coin speaks. Initially when it was designed they were derived as virtual gold, this has become popular during USA economic crisis.  Purchasing of bit coin represents bit coin mining. There are created with crypto currencies and the government decides where to distribute it. Miners use special software in order to solve complex problems.

The value of bit coin is measure only in terms of crypto currencies.  Since the economic freedom increases, prosperity of the country and crypto has the potential to provide great global economic freedom. An electronic cash system which reduces the chance fraudulent, it can be accessed through mobile phone. There is no one controlling your money. It is maintained by cloud ledger and money belongs to you. The cash stored in cloud is safe and secured. No other person can access the cloud without prior permission. Hacking is hard since the third party cannot forecast cloud setting.

Always ensure the payment confirmation in cloud ledger. The money that you invest cannot be cash. It is necessary to be bit coin money. You can use your debit or credit card for converting cash into bit coin. The converted cash will be stored in btc wallet. There are applications available for every device you use. But wallet remains same which accepts only online payment.