Key Realty School in Nevada offers real estate courses. It also offers a number of courses like continuing education courses, commercial real estate courses, test prep, pre-licensing brokerage, and also practical training seminars. You can take a CAM test in Nevada with the help of the Key Realty School.

Here are some benefits of the school that you might want to take a look at:

  • Online or off-campus classes

Every school doesn’t have both classes, but Key Realty School has. You can choose what you want, whether a self-study environment or a classroom environment.

  • Mobile app

You can download the school’s app and take the classes. Even if you have a little time, you can have a quick look at the practice test.

  • Practical training seminars

These seminars are for those who are keen to learn about various topics and are available for free to all the students.

The community association management course is designed to complete 60 hours of education for activating a CAM certificate. The education is delivered in a session or 20 track format. It contains the instructions of the laws and practices of Community Association Management, which are necessary for passing the certification examination.  The CAM course tuition is worth $549.

The classes tend to fill up in no time. So, the students must keep in mind to enroll in advance. Students have the option of enrolling online on the phone or through office admission during working hours from Monday to Friday.

The enrolment is on a first-come, first-serve basis. Before attending the first class, you must have registered and paid for the course. At the end of the course, the examination for the certificate is scheduled by the Nevada testing service. You can pass the CAM test in Nevada through the examination.

If you want help preparing for the test, you can also find it at the website of the Key Realty School. The test prep class must have a minimum amount of students with a tuition fee of $100. Almost all the topics are covered in the series to help you pass with flying colors.