sembawang swimming complex

Swimming is not just an exercise to be fit. Rather, it comprises lessons of discipline, hard work, and determination. However, you can learn these lessons only in the right environment with the right people.

sembawang swimming complex offers a fun, optimistic environment with the best possible swimming experience for kids and adults.

Classes offered-

The complex offers classes for both adults as well as kids. There is no age restriction

opes, tubes, etc. The classes can be either a group class or a private class.

  • Group Class- The group class comprises 5 to 10 people with a certified trainer
  • Private Class- This class offers one-on-one teaching sessions suited specifically for one student. However, they also offer private group classes for a better experience.

sembawang swimming complex

Courses offered-

Wide ranges of lessons are offered to the students. These lessons vary from the beginner to the advanced level.

  • Beginner Level- The Beginner course offers the basics of swimming. It includes a host of techniques. Safe water entry, front/black float, breath control, freestyle, backstroke, submersion, etc., are included in this course.
  • Intermediate Level- The intermediate level is slightly more difficult than the beginners. It offers breaststroke, survival strokes, treading water, and distance clocking at this level.
  • Advanced Level- Along with the survival skills, it teaches butterfly strokes, starts and turns, distance, and time clock.

The complex also hosts swim safer tests every 3 to 6 months. The center is yet to open. However, it is already offering its clients no entry fee and a free starter pack for pre-booking classes.