Windows Autologon

One of the usual questions that every individual these days inquire about their home PC. How to startup and directly go straight on the desktop. This was used as the mere option. And the time when Microsoft give us the favor of permitting us to own multiple accounts, there are very few people take a hold this development. Just like in a personal experience, to ignore the option of more than one desktops can frequently be missing out on a trick. Most especially if your desktop is used by a lot of different people just like your family and friends. Think about having an own autologon PC actually can means:

Windows Autologon1. You can get your own or personal e-mail account, you don’t need to rely on webmail.
2. You can get your own or personal instant messenger accounts, you don’t need to constantly switch users.
3. You can personalize the feel and look of your desktop
4. You can store your personal files separately from the rest of the members of the family

Equally, roughly a half of people decide of sticking multiple users. So now, you don’t have to share with your family with an autologin installed.

Check out how to auto login was introduced

The overflow of this post will represent how to enable an auto-login for Windows, as it is the most ordinary operating system being used and sold at the market. There are 2 key ways of handling an autologin. First and simplest is used when there only exists one user on the computer system. Completely simple, just go into the Control Panel. For the next is to select the “User Accounts and Family Safety”, then hit the “Change your password”. A new window will bring up, it shows an option to ‘Remove your password’. After the password has been removed, you must find that the computer will automatically log in when you start Windows.

The second option is for the systems where multiple users are kept. But, there are only one of the users automatically login by default. You can simply click the start button and then type netplwiz right into the search box. Through this, it will find the needed command in the menu system. Meaning, it automatically locates without any idea where the exact location is. Once you click on this, you are able to bring up a different version of the “User Accounts” window. A new window pops up, simply uncheck the box “Users must enter a username and a password to use this computer”.