Vortex tubes come in different varieties to meet the need s number of procedures and spot cooling applications. Vortextubes offers cooling capacities to a maximum extent compared to cold air gun. Vortex tubes has interesting features which includes the cooling factor that exists without any refrigerants and conducts cooling process without any tools and even without using electricity. These devices are small, occupies less space, and can be installed at any place.

Vortex tubes Phenomenon:Vortex was the first company to develop the phenomenon that made it real, powerful cooling solutions used for industrial process. Fluid that flows about an axis in the form of a twister is termed as vortex. Vortex tubes helps in creating vortex, which enables the squeeze gas to be separated in to two air streams.  Compressed air moves into the cylindrical generators, which are longer than the hot tube, which causes the air to rotate.

The rotating air is forced down the inner walls of the hot tube at a speed of 10,00,000 rpm.  During this process, a small portion of the hot air is released through a needle valve when the hot air exhaust from the end of the hot tube.  The remaining air is forced back at a lower speed towards the center of the incoming air stream. The heat available in the slower moving air is converted into faster moving incoming air.  Then the air, which has been cooled, flows through the center part of the generator and comes out through the cool air end port.

From many years Vortextubes are acting as the solutions for the industrial cooling issues.  Utilizing only filtered factory squeeze gas as the source converts the normal compressed air into hot air and cool air. Vortex tubes can produce refrigeration up to 6,000 BTUH.

Cold Air Guns:Cold Air Guns integrates vVortex tubes as spot cooling elements ld air gun will allow the operator to adjust the airflow rate to an optimum level of the application. The maximum temperature drop of the adjustable cold air gun is 100F below inlet temperature and the highest cooling capacity is 1500 BTUH.  Adjustable cols air gun comes with a flexible nozzle for releasing cool air and a magnetic base is also available in the tool which enables for easy and speed installation and ready to use.  Adjustable cold air guns uses compressed air as the source for the cooling purpose and power is not utilized for this purpose