Grand theft auto has recently launched its new version of the game known as GTA 5, this comes 10 years after it had been released its first model. A game that started from the Xone and PS4 has officially entered the android field. GTA announces it’s version 5 in mobile phones which can be downloaded through this website not only provides a piece of additional information regarding the game but also comes with its own launcher and links which can be compatible with IOS users as well as the android user.  However, gta 5 android gameplay version is different than the iOS which we will understand through this article.

PC version

There was a version that appeared on PC and newest generation consoles was the first game which consisted of three characters and built a storyline.  When introduced on phones it is important to remember that before using the mobile links and installing the game. It is important to note that the gta 5 android gameplay is a bit different than the IOS gameplay. However, in both versions, it’s the same storyline and is made from the third-person perspective. There is a choice of using the FPP mod as well as the TPP mode.

GTA 5 Android Game PlayWhy different

The reason why two different gameplays are announced in different versions is that the operating system in both the kind of devices is different. Therefore, in order for it to be compatible with the iPhones as well android, there were different versions. As a result, game mechanics are slightly altered. But the gameplay and characteristics of the game remain the same.


Despite its very two versions the game looks the same and has some kind of features just different controls. We can still hope to get a Driving system, well-developed graphics and ofcourse a shooting system that can appeal to anyone. Good soundtracks and sound moderation provide a good feel. It is best recommended to use earphones or headphones for the full feeling.

It is important to note that the devices that can support this should have a good operating system and memory to launch the game smoothly. Whether its for gta 5 android gameplay or IOS. It provides with updating the operating system.