Smoothies are considered to be a great start to the day, but most people are over loading their drinks with more than five fruits which could not be advisable. There are three key issues that need to be taken into consideration when it comes to smoothies which include – the size of the portion, the content of sugar and the unnecessary extras that are added to the smoothies like sweeteners.

How can you make your smoothie healthy?

Consider it as a mean, not your snack: when you make your smoothie with the correct amount of stuff, it can help you put up through a decent amount of hours. You should make it as an important part of your mean rather than considering it as a fancy snack.smoothie

Add a limited quantity of fruit: make sure you do not over load your smoothie with any type of a fruit, even if the fruit might have a low content of sugar, it could spike up with the overloading.

Put a limit on the liquid that you decide to add to your smoothie: use one or two juices to your smoothies on a daily basis and make sure you do not overload it as it will increase the content of calories in your drink.

Do not forget to add proteins: you will be more content with the addition of proteins to your drink. You could try using yogurt that is low on calories, some nuts or even protein power to your smoothie

What are the health benefits of consuming smoothies?

  • Helps in detoxifying the body: smoothies consist of many nutritional ingredients that help in detoxifying the body. Some fruits and vegetables like papaya and beet should be included in your drink so that it helps in detoxification.
  • Helps in boosting of your brain: the fresh fruits and vegetables that are included in your smoothie are considered to be a healthy source of nutrients which play a role in the boosting of your brain cells.
  • Helps in fighting of the free radicals: great source of both phytonutrients and antioxidants are blueberries, grapes and strawberries which help a person from falling ill. Antioxidants can fight the free radicals and help in fighting against cancer too.
  • Helps in building of stronger bones: green leafy vegetables contain vitamin K which help in the prevention of brittle bones. Spinach can be added to the smoothie as it is mild.