Many people invested in Cryptocurrencies without proper preparation and lost a lot of money. In this article, we are going to share top errors while investing in Cryptocurrencies.Visit this site to know about coinbase fees.

Not having a plan before investing

Before investing set a goal! What is your sales strategy? (that is, at what point / value are you going to sell your Cryptos) What is your buying strategy (that is, at what value are you going to buy)? Click here to know about coinbase fees.

Keep all these goals in mind before investing. If you buy a Crypto for $ 10 dollars and you don’t have a strategy, then when it reaches $ 15 you will start to panic and say “Oh, should I sell, or should I wait?” Then when it goes down to $ 12 dollars and you say “Oh, I shouldhave sold for $ 15! Better sell now before it goes down more”. Click here to know about coinbase fees.

bitcoinLack of patience and discipline

Cryptocurrencies will not disappear. Trust me. Do not worry about the next best currency. Look at thelong-term perspective. Enter the game for the long term (years!) And you will persevere.

Buy cryptocurrencies from unknown people

What I have noticed manypeople regarding the purchase of Cryptos is the number of people who are scammed buying Cryptos from groups of Facebook, Telegram, etc.People do not verify the sellers and buy because of greed.Do not buy from unknown people.