Helping people, rescuing refugees and doing all the philanthropist work is something that came naturally to Hamed. He is someone who has a lot of talent in helping the needy and for this has taken up a long journey. He is a graduate of Georgetown University and is a Rhodes scholar of the year 1997. He has also worked with many big companies and then eventually started his own business called ludas athletics- a clothing line. Being a businessman he believed in one thing, and that is hiring the right resource. Hamed Wardak made sure to bring aborad the right talent which will help the business grow and flourish.

Other than being a businessman, he also has been a part of the Huffington Post and The Post as contributing authors. He usually wrote about various challenges that are faced by his countrymen and how people were facing hard times there and how it can be changed.

Valen of wicked

Valen of wicked is the brand creating techno music and os under Hamed Wardak himself. Other than having a successful business career and philanthropist life, Wardak also si highly influenced by good music. He says that good music can tell stories and can reach people in masses. His main objective of creating music is to grab people’s attention and evoke emotions in them. his music has flavors of all types of music and has an inclusiveness form various cultures and ethnicities. His music not only is a nice experience but is also created in a way to bring people together and bring a representation of people who don’t receive it much often.

Valen of wicked when simplified means everything that anybody wants it to be. However separately wicked means everything as it can good as well as bad at the same time, and Valen means honor. Both these terms tend to cover a huge part of the wards’ life.