Are Customers Really Always Right?

The motto or slogan “Customer is service right” encourages service employees to give a high priority to customer satisfaction. But, does this really matter? Every entrepreneur or business leader needs to understand customers’ needs because the future of the business relies on it.

You are in business because you serve or give the customers what they need. You can’t keep the customers back if you can’t give what they want. As a business leader, your decision needs to focus on the customer’s needs and wants, and provide it. This will keep them coming back.

So let’s go back to the question. Are customers always right?

“Customers are always right”

The slogan mentioned delivers a message that customers are right in every case. That is simply false. Customers are not always right all the time. Your customers don’t often understand guidelines, they don’t read the website service or product descriptions. They adhere to instructions inaccurately, and they’re often confused. Therefore, they are not always right.

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But keep in mind that a customer is always a customer. Customers may frequently purchase goods and services incorrectly, but the thing is, they are spending money on your business. As entrepreneurs and business owners, you depend upon the flow of the customers, whether they are right or wrong. Success in business includes selling goods and services to both right and wrong customers. You want them to keep coming back because all customers spend money.

Valuing your customers

Businesses love happy and satisfied customers. Who wouldn’t want good and positive feedback for the good things your business has done, right? Whereas you would just want those negative and complaining customers to go away.

However, the negative feedbacks and complaints you get from your customers are important to the growth of your business. These customer responses will help your business understand customer expectations and help you plan to improve it.

Your customer’s negative feedbacks and complaints are an open door for your competitors to take your customers from you. Customers would often attempt to find other businesses to meet their wants and needs.

Be open to negative feedback and complaints from your unsatisfied customers. Show that you care about them and their concerns. Then, take that as an opportunity to make your business, your team, and your goods and services better.

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