The music streaming industry keeps on growing every day. It is difficult to reach streams as many as those popular artists. There are artists who try to to increase their followers. As well as the number of streams. So how do you grow your fan base and get more Spotify plays? Here are some tips you can check out.

  • Get your music on Spotify

Spotify does not offer a way to upload music for free. You should submit your music to Spotify through a record label. You can also contact a distribution service. They handle the distribution and licensing of your music. They will also pay you royalties when people stream your music on Spotify.

  • Get verified as an artist on Spotify

Create a verified artist profile once your music becomes available on Spotify. A verified artist can access tools for managing your profile and playlists. You can also view a range of stats. It can also help you boost your credibility. Access Spotify for Artists to get verified.


  • Create and update your playlists

Streams on Spotify are most affected by playlists and charts. Your music will reach millions of potential fans through playlists. It is difficult to be on Spotify’s popular playlists. Spotify’s Editorial team or major labels control these. Create playlists of your own. You can include other artists’ music to widen your range of listeners. Supporting other artists will help you gain more followers and streams. Sharing your playlist is a big plus, too. Make sure to update your playlists so your followers get a notification.

  • Take advantage of social media

Engage with your fans using all social media platforms. Share your Spotify links and promote your music. Give them constant updates. Encourage your fans to follow you on Spotify. Ask them to share your playlists.

  • Spotify promotion tools

You can promote your music using the various tools and resources offered by Spotify. They have a new advertising platform you can use to create and manage Spotify audio ad campaigns. These are ads heard by listeners between songs. You can also embed a Spotify follow button on your website. People who click that button will become followers of your music. They will also follow your Spotify artist profile. You can also try embedding Spotify player on your website. This will allow your fans to find and listen to your music.

There are a lot of ways to increase your followers and get more streams. If you are diligent enough and willing to find ways, then you will reap great rewards. Spotify might feature your music in their popular playlists one day. Who knows?