Iconic Red Powder To Have A Flavorful Cuisine

Paprika is known for its unique flavor that adds a twist on any cuisine. Spices are known for their characteristics to add a flavor of something edible. But, not all spices can be used for any kind of menu. There are only selected menu that spices are intended to give flavor. The hungarian paprika is one of the spices with sweet or hot components. None of the types of paprika are unused, all of them are useful according to the kind of menu. For spicy and sweet lovers, they always consider using this kind of spice.

What is paprika?

Paprika is a  powder-made spice from dried black peppers or bell peppers. Both are used for making this spice come up with different flavors. But, the hungarian paprika is popularly known for its iconic red powder texture added on the recipe. Most of the people use this kind of paprika for garnishing. But, it can still be used as an ingredient when cooking.

Paprika has the simplest powder form, it is made from grind sweet pepper pods as well. The paprika comes in a variety of color that ranges from bright orange-red to dark blood red. The flavor can be anything from mild, bitter, sweet, and hot.

hungarian paprikaThe types of paprika

Paprika has 3 different kinds: sweet, hot, and smoked.

  • Sweet paprika. The type of paprika adds lively color to any kind of dish. It is also used to sprinkle for garnishing deviled eggs or potato salad. It is also used to flavor meat as rubs. Without any heat, it adds a sweet pepper flavor. Sweet paprika gives a sweeter flavor to calm-down the spicy taste. It can balance the other spices.
  • Hot paprika. The type of paprika that is Hungarian variety. It is generally accepted as the superior of all the types. It is used as the initial flavor aside from giving color to a dish in Hungarian cuisine. This is a version of paprika that adds peppery with a spicy-kick to any kind of dish.
  • Smoke paprika. The type of paprika adds deliciousness, subtle smokiness. This type of paprika is often called Pimenton. It is made from peppers that are dried and smoked over woodfire. The process is giving red powder-rich smoky flavor. The smoked variety comes in 3 types: mild, medium-hot, and hot. This type of paprika is perfect for grilling outdoors.

Now, you can pick which kind of paprika that needs your menu.