handyman services in Hill City

A firm is a premium home renovation company with locations throughout Ontario and Canada. The high-performance contractors, together with our seamless and proven methods, provide an unparalleled luxury home renovation experience in handyman services in Hill City.

The firm is successful renovations are the result of blending new concepts into existing home designs for a seamless transition. It can be a dramatic transition to bring a weary or outmoded room up to or beyond the requirements of today’s modern lifestyle.

Why should you consider us?

We focus on our clients’ needs and personal styles while guaranteeing a seamless integration with the home’s existing architecture. The devoted team of designers and craftspeople is unrivalled. Together, we deliver the meticulous attention to detail required during a home remodel to guarantee the space looks and feels complete. We love the possibilities that existing spaces provide, as well as the process of bringing them to their full potential.

handyman services in Hill City

Our best-in-class warranty

Our one-year double-layer warranty covers both material and craftsmanship and is supported and ensuring that your home makeover is protected and quality is assured.

Our Design-Build Methodology

Pineapple Homes offers the experience and expertise to bring your idea to life, whether it’s a home renovation, extension, or new custom house. They provide handyman services in Hill City with a comprehensive selection of residential building services and regions.


We learn the big picture vision for your project during a virtual or in-person session. We collaborate with potential clients to acquire the project’s essential characteristics and plan our future steps. A list of references and previous projects are also presented and discussed.

Let’s Get This Party Started

Are you ready to make a change in your home? Let’s make your ideal home a reality with a new remodel. Pineapple Homes has the foundation and experience to complete a high-end luxury home restoration project. Make an appointment with us today to schedule a consultation and begin to notice the difference.

A project contract is presented to the customer by the team, which guarantees that everyone’s expectations in terms of budget, schedule, and project scope are aligned.