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Ogston Body and Paint

We all know that cars are the first choice to ease the comfort of travelling. It is always advisable to ensure that your car is in good condition when planning a long trip for the safety of your life. But what if your car has suddenly stopped or met with a collision? Don’t worry if you are in or around Duluth, MN then you must take your car to any nearest auto repair centre to get it fixed on time. Such is the Ogston Body and Paint automobile centre in Duluth, MN that is well known as a family-owned car service provider who has experience in the industry for more than 30 years. It uses all modern technology equipment that is safefor your car detailing with a team of well-trained technicians who can handle any car with ease. Their technicians are professionalswho offer you quick assistance on the spot for any car body and paint, auto detailing, auto glass and paintless dent repair charging a nominal fee that is cost-effective and varies slightly depending on the model of the car and its present condition.

car detailingBest of Duluth Car Service Provider:

Ogston in Duluth is one of the most trusted car service providers who cater both auto parts repair as well as car maintenance at affordable price. They are best known to follow the policies and standards of customers while delivering care services to the customers.They are experts in handling any condition car to get it back in original form. Hence you will meet quality and guaranteed satisfaction with their team of technicians who are trained to offer the best services in Duluth, MN.

Among the automobile service centres in Minnesota, the Ogston in Duluth is the best option to choose for any auto repair or car service at a faster pace. Benefit their team’s craftsmanshipas they use modern technology and latest equipment that arekey to their success to offer customer’s guarantee satisfaction and take care of all your car needs to deliver it with matched factory paint without affecting its outer surface by using waterborne paints-less solvent and fewer emissions that are mild and not harsh to keep it safe.

This car service provider is located at50W.Central Entrance, corner of Basswood Avenue in Duluth, MN.Whether your car needs servicing or want to repair the damagedthey are best to approach. Gain the confidence to meet quality standards for any of your initial to final car detailing at Ogston Body and Paint.


Reach theOgston Body and Paint auto repair and car servicing to get your car in good condition. It located in Duluth; MN is one of the most trusted car service providers whoabide the policies to offer quality and meet standards that offered 100% guarantee satisfaction to most of their customers. Gain peace of mind as your car is in safe hands.